Are You Finally Ready to Reclaim Your Life?

If you have been betrayed by someone, I can help you release your pain and reclaim your life forever.

Dear Friend,
The pain of betrayal you are feeling by a lover, colleague, boss or family member is real.

It hurts and it can be traumatic.

It can last a very long time and interfere in every part of your life.

I know firsthand what it is like to be betrayed.

I wasted almost a year of my life being held captive by the punishing feelings of hurt, anger, shame and blame.

I desperately wanted one thing: to stop the pain and to get on with my life.

But there wasn’t an expert out there to guide me.

So, I figured out exactly how to do it on my own.

You see, I was in an extremely toxic relationship several years ago.

He was cheating on me in all ways and I knew it.

But, I chose to look the other way.

And as a result, I cheated on myself.

I had no physical proof of his infidelity.

All I had was my gut instinct.

It turns out that my gut instinct was all I needed for confirmation.

Betrayal isn’t isolated to love relationships, though.

Family, friends, and people in our work environment can betray us too.

And while the impact of the betrayal in different relationships can vary, the same underlying challenge exists for you…..

How long are you going to give your power away to the pain and anger?  

At some point, you reach a threshold of pain and you can’t take it anymore.

Something has got to change.

This one question changed my life.
                         “How much longer am I going to live like this?”

It was the lightbulb moment that I needed to change the course of my life.

Ask yourself this question too.

“How much longer are YOU willing to live like this?”

You might be haunted during the day with flashbacks and at night with nightmares.

You might have panic attacks  that just seem to come from nowhere.

And, no matter what you have tried, the pain just doesn’t go away.

You’ve read a ton of self – help books but they don’t give you the magic way out.

You’ve talked to your friends, but they just don’t get what you are going through, even though they offer you compassion and maybe even pity.

Maybe, therapy has helped you a bit, but the injustice remains and so does the pain.

I’ll bet that hurt, anger, resentment and blame seem to have found a permanent place in your life.

You KNOW that if you could only stop the pain and suffering you would be able to achieve the kind of happiness that you dream about.I am here to tell you that betrayal doesn’t have to ruin your life.

You CAN heal and find happiness.

I know exactly what it takes to heal from betrayal and find happiness again.

Because I did it.

I discovered unique methods that really worked for me and I want to share them with you.

Combined together, my personal journey of healing from betrayal and my 21 years as a therapist helped me develop a step-by-step system to finally resolve the pain of betrayal.

If you are REALLY ready let go of your pain and REALLY ready to do whatever it takes to heal then this program is for you.

I will guide you as you take ownership of your journey of healing.

I will be by your side each step of the way.

The Freedom from Betrayal system is easy to follow and has already helped hundreds of my clients transform their lives and take hold of a level of happiness that they only imagined they could have.

I just wanted the pain and anger to stop haunting me. I needed to know what I could do to make sure that I NEVER experienced emotional pain like that again. Janis helped me release the torment of sadness and anger and find joy again. Her easy to follow techniques worked; helping me heal myself. She held my hand through every step. I felt totally supported by Janis. I never thought I would get out of that dark hole but I did, with Janis’s help. I learned to trust people again by learning how to trust myself first. I have my power back!” (Susan from Michigan)

And I can help you achieve the kind of happiness you want.

Let me help you find your freedom from betrayal.

Take the first step.

Call me at 770-744-3967 to determine if this program is right for you.

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