Seminars and Workshops

If you want an experience to remember and for your attendees to carry the “golden nuggets” with them far beyond the moment of the program, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s face it, when you are putting together an event it can be pretty daunting, especially if it is about a subject like betrayal, that can be filled with heaviness and lots of big emotions.

If you want a motivational expert who sugar coats the truth and makes empty promises about what works, you won’t have a problem finding someone like that.

However, if you want someone who is 100% committed to telling it like it is, with compassion, understanding, and frankness, then here is what you can expect me to bring to your program:

    • A thoroughly memorable experience for attendees: my straight up approach gets the audience sitting up in their seats, taking notice and thinking about what I have said for weeks to come.

    • Effective techniques and strategies: There is nothing worse than spending several hours listening to a speaker who just talks about a subject but doesn’t give you any “take – aways.” That won’t happen with me.  My programs are chalk – full  of easy to do strategies and techniques that bring immediate and long-term relief.

    • A real experiencePeople don’t learn from one modality, it’s important to experience learning in many ways so that learning will stick.  Participants will not only get out of their seats and move around to really understand the material but will also get the material in multiple forms from me, visually, auditorilly, experientially, and through interpersonal interaction with other attendees and myself.

    • A relatable speaker: You and I both want attendees to feel comfortable with the speaker and that’s exactly the environment that I create.  I pride myself in being both an expert and the person who makes everyone feel at ease.  I bring a down to earth approach spiced with humor and humaneness. 

Next, you can identify the topics that you feel is most relevant to your attendees.  I can tailor a program to your specific needs or group.  Below is a list of the areas that I have enjoyed speaking about:

  • Freedom from Betrayal: 8 Keys to Healing Your Mind, Body and Soul (in a love relationship, with a boss or colleague, friend or family member)

  • What Drives You and Your Decision Making?: Six Human Needs and How You Meet Them

Contact me for a no-obligation discussion about how we can partner together to help those whom you know step into their best selves.