Janis Cohen is an expert on facilitating successful breakthroughs for people who want to get their lives back by liberating themselves from the pain and victimization of betrayal. Her work has been inspirational to many. Her proven techniques for promoting personal success and freedom refresh, recharge, and renew the way one can achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Janis has an uncanny ability to promote breakthroughs in individuals and transform lives. Janis’s energy, enthusiasm, compassion and insight have made her a popular speaker and sought after life coach.

Janis created the Freedom from Betrayal program. This powerful program has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and dreams of personal happiness and relationship success.

How did all this begin? It was out of Janis’s desire to find her own freedom from betrayal in a love relationship that she began an unforgettable quest. Though she appeared to have much, Janis could not escape the fact that her life felt stagnant and void of happiness. She knew that staying in the pain wasn’t getting her anywhere and that she desperately wanted to rediscover joy and have peace of mind.

When she got fed up with being angry and victimized, Janis decided to take ownership of her choices and take action to change them. The question went from “How did I get here?” to “How do I get out of here?”

Finally realizing that her dreams of being a joyful and fulfilled person had been put on the back burner, she was determined to ignite the fire and get going. She was ready to find her own Freedom from Betrayal!

Her discoveries and experiences on the journey to reclaim her life shaped the proven secrets of success she will share with you. What began as Janis’s desire to revolutionize her own life has become her mission to help others transform the quality of their lives as well.

Janis understands where you are because she has been there. She is honored to help you take ownership of your life too and find the happiness you deserve!

Janis is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She is a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, trained personally by Cloe Madanes and Tony Robbins.

She attended University of Georgia for her Master’s degree in Social Work in Athens, Georgia.

Before life coaching, Janis worked clinically with children, families and adults for over 20 years and enjoyed a thriving private practice for over 11 years in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Janis’s single most important motivation is to help each person transform their pain into joy, their victimization into victory and for each person to become their most enlightened self.  She has been a contributing author to PINK magazine for successful businesswomen and is the monthly columnist for her column called The Counselor’s Corner.

Janis has been a regularly featured panel member, serving as the mental wellness expert, on a popular Atlanta radio station, 94.9 fm, Caffeinated Radio morning show.  She was chosen to be featured  as the Mental Health Expert in the Buckhead Community by one of the major local television stations, 11-Alive, writes a monthly column called the Counselor’s Corner in the Atlanta Jewish Times and has a blog that examines the totallity of the human experience called The Human Experience (www.thehumanexperience2.com) .

Janis is ready to walk this journey with you.

Take the first step.

Release your pain. 

Reclaim your life.

Are you ready to find YOUR freedom?

Call her now!!      770- 744-3967


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