For Attorneys

It’s inevitable that, as you guide your clients legally, you also put on your therapist hat and provide emotional support for them as well.

You help them talk through their emotional pain when what they really need is a therapist.

You want to do your job and do it efficiently and completely.  I get it.

That is where I come in.

You see, my job is to support you in yours.

By outsourcing the therapist component to me, you can do what you do best; be their attorney.

With this complimentary approach, you give your client the full support they need to move through their emotional challenges while providing excellent legal services to them.

Here is how I can help you and your legal practice:

  • I offer a complimentary 1/2 hour lunch and learn to share tricks and techniques to help your clients transition to me, as their therapist.
  • I support you in keeping your boundaries, as their attorney, by assuming the role of therapist; so you don’t have to!
  • With a signed release of information form, we can regularly and openly communicate about significant information that can assist both of us in doing our best with our mutually shared client
  • I provide your practice with a free monthly service to your clients, called Moving Through Betrayal, where I offer effective and “doable” techniques that can help your clients navigate the emotional rollercoaster of betrayal.

This process has allowed many attorneys to maintain their focus on legal matters while feeling confident to refer their clients for private therapy sessions.

Let me relieve the burden of  you being both attorney and therapist.

Contact me through my contact page, at or calling me at 404-558-3971.

I look forward to working with you.